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King's Narrative

Changing the Narrative
for Aboriginal men

“Everything you ever need will come from your country.” - Donald Lynch (Pop)

Kings Narrative is a profit for purpose social enterprise founded and led by Aboriginal men. We collaborate with allies from all backgrounds, but we’ve made the commitment to exclusively employ First Nations people. Kings Narrative exists to build black wealth, black excellence, and strong black futures for Aboriginal men and our families.

Our work enables Aboriginal men of all ages to re-author their own stories and step outside the negative discourses that prevent them from seeing their truth worth. We do this through cultural immersion programs, making bush medicine, narrative therapy for individuals and groups, black tourism, and a range of other innovative responses such as our new barber training program. Our programs put culture up front so that we can do the therapeutic healing work required for real change underneath. If we understand trauma, we can do something about it, and this is at the heart of our work here at Kings Narrative. We have honest and difficult conversations about men and men’s behaviour to make both-ways healing possible. We are leadership in action: preparing the ground; holding the space; making it real; healing together.

Kings Narrative values cultural integrity above all else and we are working towards a future where:
- Our men are healthy and strong.
- Our languages are rich and alive.
- Our women and children are cared for and respected.
- Our businesses are innovative and world-class leaders.

This is the moment, the place, the people, the opportunity for change.

Join our story.
More About King's Narrative

King's Narrative

Narrative Approaches for Aboriginal People

Valuing culture and its role in supporting our wellbeing, our identity, and our sense of belonging.

Challenging Yourself

Stereotypes of masculinity

Challenging the stereotypes of masculinity.

Your Actions

Controlling our emotions

Owning our actions and being in control of our emotions.


Controlling our emotions

Owning our actions and being in control of our emotions.

Mental Health

Controlling our emotions

Owning our actions and being in control of our emotions.


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